His name is Umetaro Suzuki. Everybody calls him Ume-chan as a code name. Ume-chan’s mission is helping people in trouble together with his best buddy Leonardo.


Ume-chan is a fifth grade student studying at Fujiyama elementary school.
He is a normal student when he studies in a class, but after Ume-chan finishes all of his class, he is turned into a business man.


His business is a bit strange. He is a special service agent sort of. He helps people, and solves their problems for a profit.
In the usual afternoon, Ume-chan patrols around the neighbors with his buddy Leonardo to find people who are in trouble.



Ume-chan and his best buddy Leonardo are on patrol. うめちゃんとレオナルドパトロール中。

Leonardo can move like a streak of lightning! レオは犬型ロボット?

Ume-chan, rides a Red Carpy, is racing with his best buddy Leonardo. ウメちゃんとレオナルド高速対決!

Since he is crazy about driving with his Hovercraft, Red Carpy, he wants to be an pilot of H-2000 Rocket some day.
Ume-chan is always dreaming about getting into a H-2000’s cockpit, and putting on a cool space jacket with a spaceproof helmet.


人が多すぎて地球からあふれ出ちゃう前に 火星で人が住めるように開拓する事が彼の目的。

Umetaro Suzuki, The captain of the H-2000 Rocket. 第七回 火星地球化計画開拓団 団長 鈴木梅太郎青年!

Other crew member. A talented space scientist, Dr. Kaoruko Yoshino. ウメちゃんの仲間達 天才宇宙科学者! 吉野カオルコ博士