Alternatif Chronometer/ NON-STOP-GAME Technological City

July 5th to August 10th 2003

This group exhibition is the fourth part of a global group exhibition called Alternatif Chronometer/ NON-STOP-GAME, which started in April the 24 and will be closed the 20th of September (with a great finish).

This part called “Technological city” is a contemporain view of Japanese graphism and flash animations. The exhibition is managed in Paris by Koshiro Torisu (torisukoshiro), Yoshihito Ando (autophene), in Lille by the infographist Akinori Oishi, and by the web, in NY by Kinya Hanada (alias Mumbleboy) and in Berlin by Craig Robinson (flipflopflyin).

“Technological city” is a work about movement, lights, life and humor. It’s the reunion of different points of views in a unique masterpiece which take form in the galerie.

Graphism join image, and image join sound, and sounds & colors touch body and mind. Just a direction, a trajectoire. With flash animations, prints by mumbleboy, black & white thin and surreal graphism from Aki, prints, posters and animations (flash & VJay by Koshiro & Yoshihito).

nuitdencre galerie 64